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Day 166- Suattle

PCT day 78-In my last resupply at Stevens pass I made a rare significant mistake. I neglected one of the most important things I carry: toilet paper. For now I am on strict rations and I am hoping that a couple of the trailhead restrooms I will pass in the next two days are well supplied. In all honesty I would probably rather be on food rations than TP rations. This worry aside, I seem to have out walked the storms and the clouds for now. This does not mean the trail is either dry or easy. I can’t remember the last time I had an extended stretch of flat trail. At any moment I can either look up from the valley I am in up to the ridge I will be climbing thousands of feet above or from the ridge down to the valley just as far below I will be climbing into. On top of these ridges it is something out of a movie with lush green alpine meadows with snow capped mountains as the backdrop. The hills feel alive with the sounds of music. In addition to the endless climbs, every morning the brush I am continually bus heading through is thoroughly soaked. Until the sun comes up it is like walking through a car wash, which may actually be good for my stench. I really embrace the challenges and have been pressing to the limit and average well over 40 miles per day with a smile on my face most the time. Unfortunately today just when I had began to fully appreciate a rain free day, the thunder started up and I began to hurry down off Suattle Pass. Not only dos the rain begin to come down in sheets, but I was presented with more overgrown sections that I would come out drenched from. With three more nights on the trail I just have to stay dry enough. On the bright side with the bad weather come mosquito-less hiking.

Miles 2524-2564

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