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Day 168-Canada

PCT day 80-At 8:55pm I entered Canada. The second trail of three is in the books and now it’s time for the Continental Divide Trail. I woke up with exactly 46 miles to get to the border so naturally I slept in. I wasn’t on the trail until close to 7 and spent much of the morning stiffly climbing over downed trees and talking to still more southbound hikers. Eventually I climbed up into the clouds and over Glacier pass and was unsure how the day would turn out. I had little food other than a celebratory dinner once I reached the border so I kept a lookout for anyone willing to offer food. When I reached Harts Pass my feet were rubbed raw from the countless days of wet socks and shoes and the inability to get them dry other than at the end of the day. I started taping them up and a man walked up. We talked for a while and I found out he hiked the entire PCT last year and was up reminiscing. I told him I was hiking it and then out of nowhere asked if he had any food. His trail name was Dundee and boy did he help. He gave me cheese, poptarts, oranges, a homemade wrap and even a beer. It was all I needed to push through 30 more miles to the border and that’s just what I did. Once I entered the Pasayton Wilderness I was walking about as fast as I could go no matter if it was uphill, downhill or even what terrain was in the way. This pace eventually got to me and I hit a wall. In treating today like there was no tomorrow I knew just the trick to get me to Canada. I whipped up a quick cup of coffee, put some good music on and was soon charging down the trail again. I was so fast I did not even notice the mosquitos until I stopped at the monument for photos. It still hasn’t sunk in that I have wrapped up this trail in under 80 days but I will write a recap tomorrow (after hiking 8 bonus miles to the highway) before moving on to the last trail!

Miles 2604-2650

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