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Day 174-Piegan Pass

CDT day 2-Twenty eight miles is all the national park is letting me do today so I took full advantage of the entire day. I slept in as long as I could and used the free hot water at the store in Many Glacier to make my coffee. Then around 8 I was off and on my way up Piegan Pass. Even early in the morning it was hot. Climbing these exposed passes the sun really heats up the area early in the day. Eventually I made it to the top and was amongst quite the procession of day hikers. They had come up from Going-to-the-sun Road. My trip down their exact route up was filled with even more Glacier NP tourists and they are all very similar. A glacier tourists usually has at least one knee brace, a can of bear spray mounted in a holster on his/her hip, a Glacier NP tourists cotton tshirt on and the look of pain/exertion. I met some great ones and some very reluctant to share the trail. My hunt for Grizzlies today was unsuccessful and even late in the day as I wound through a burn area at Red Eagle creek I saw very little wildlife. At Red Eagle lake where I am camped I was joined by a group of Minnesota high school girls out for two weeks in Montana. It was fun to talk to them but eventually they just had too much energy for me and I had to call it a night. Tomorrow will be my last full day in Glacier and then it’s on to the Bob Marshall Wilderness-AKA “The Bob.”

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