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Day 175-Triple Divide

CDT day 3-Even after over 10k miles of hiking across 20 states I still get to see new animals. Today I finally saw a wild big horned sheep as I began my descent to East Glacier late in the day. Maybe il see a Grizzly one of these days. I hiked out of Red Eagle lake to start the day and into the wet brush. I was soon soaked from the waist down with no views to be had as I worked my way through the burn area and up to Triple Divide Pass. As its name suggest, this pass has water off one side that goes to the Gulf of Mexico, one side to the Pacific and the final side to Hudson’s Bay. After this pass I dropped down to Pitamakan Lake only to climb back up again and finally drop down into East Glacier after a 37 mile day. Tomorrow the days of designated campspots and permits are over so once again I will be truly in the wild and without a schedule, just the way I like it!

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