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Day 176-Burn

CDT day 4- Imagine for half your day every ten steps you had to step over a log. It’s not bad for a few minutes or maybe even an hour but for half a day it takes its toll and becomes exhausting. I got up in East Glacier and due to some poor planning and some unusual procrastinating I did not make it out of town until mid morning. My pack was extremely heavy for the 190 mile stretch to Lincoln, MT. The first 15 miles were a pretty easy mix of old roads and maintained national park trails. Then I arrived at Marias Pass and the good trail and tourists disappeared. Shortly after following an old overgrown road I entered an extremely large burn area. I was exposed in the hot sun on a poor and often nonexistent trail in the middle of the backcountry. In fact I didn’t see a person after leaving the parking lot at the pass. I would through the burn area and saw some of the largest elk I have ever seen. Late in the day I crossed some large creeks and the South Fork of Two Medicine River and using ingenuity I was able to cross without getting my feet wet on a maze of rocks. The scenery wasn’t great today but I can see some incredible formations I will be traveling through ahead. Overall I think today will be like a lot of other days on trail: connector sections. What I mean by this is that they are a hodgepodge string of roads and trails to connect incredible landmarks and scenery. I will have to endure the days of these connectors in order to bask in the beauty they lead to. I barely made it a 30 mile day but I felt like I walked 40 with all the hurdling over downed logs I did.

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