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Day 178-Chinese wall

CDT day 6-It is so cold in the mornings. It is dropping to the 20s overnight only to warm up into the 70s and 80s during the day. My motto is “Survive the morning.” Luckily on this morning I was able to cross multiple creeks and the flathead River on either logs or a series of rocks to keep my cold feet dry. I wound through some small burn areas and then mid morning I was in huckleberry heaven. My great pace was slowed considerably as I consumed as many free, tasty calories as I could. Finally when I moved on I passed a large group of people out for a few days. I knew they were out for just a few days solely by the size of their packs. I used to be just like them and my first miles of this lifestyle were with a 60 pound pack. I have learned a lot since then. I finally arrived at the highly anticipated Chinese wall. It is a natural formation that is sheet rock and stretches for miles. It truly is mind blowing! I saw mountain goats grazing on its lower cliffs and even took a couple long side trails to get even better views. I am not against extra miles when it is worth it! The trouble with this section is the billions of black flies that like to take off chunks of your skin. I have become somewhat of a fly assassin but unfortunately one as big as my finger got me and as it left blood began to pool from its bite. The war continues and so does the Chinese wall!

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