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Day 185-Hail 

CDT day 13-I woke up surrounded by cows and began the descent down to the road I would be all too familiar with. I have been known to talk to the cows on occasion when the trail becomes very remote. Hiking solo is a very unique experience. I am constantly in my own head and have gone through entire plot lines ranging from being the US president to living completely off the grid. At the very least over the last six plus months I have really gotten to know myself. I have been able to think through what actually makes me happy and I have come up with a list of potential things I could do when I’m done hiking. On this day eventually I hit the road and kept walking across one of the brownest areas I have been through. I walked a gravel road for the better part of the rest of the day. To keep it light and entertaining I practiced my princess wave at the cars driving by. Some reactions were funny and I can only imagine what they thought of a tall bearded man waving like a princess. Eventually with limited time to make it to the post office before it closed I joined the paved highway and began a fast hike into town devoid of scenery. It rained and an it hailed marble size ice chunks down on me but since the only option was to hike, I kept going. I made it in to town with a 35 mile day by 4. At this point I was pretty worn down from the push and decided to take the rest of the evening off.

Ending mile 446

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