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Day 186-Anaconda Pintler

CDT day 14-I have already been on the continental divide trail for 2 weeks. Wow time flies when you are having fun. Like yesterday, much of today was road walking. On top of it being less scenic and a constant pounding for you feet on the asphalt it also provides other issues. The trail is pristine, and away from cars and people. The highway is not. Using the facilities in the trail is not an issue at all. Using the facilities when walking the highway is nearly impossible. Finally after 26 miles of walking the highway and a myriad of gravel roads I crossed into the Anaconda Pintler wilderness. My smile stretched from ear to ear. I could now live amongst the Bears. I climbed up above 10k feet for the first time in a while and was greeted with sweeping views of the surrounding mountains, some of which still holding considerable snow. I soaked up the views and relearned how to take photos it had been so long since I resided in the natural world. When I got to the top of one of the passes I saw the first true northbound thru hikers. We chatted for a bit but then walked in our completely opposite directions. I then descended into the valley and found a great camp spot that I am sharing with my new friend Mr Deer. Tomorrow I might take some alternates that require some basic climbing and scrambling!

Ending mile 486

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