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Day 188 -hurdles 

CDT day 16-I practiced my hurdling in the spirit of the Olympics today. At points there were constant logs laying across the trail. When I say this I mean logs so thick I could walk across the logs above the trail. It was quite the way to hike. For some reason I have been unable to get up early. The cold morning combined with the warmth of my sleeping bag takes away the desire to get an early start. This being the case, I am usually on the trail by 7 in most my layers and am down to no layers by 9. The boring details aside, I made it in to town today. I had some ups and downs to finish hiking through the stunning Anaconda Pintler wilderness and was soon crossing jeep roads and walking through some nasty burn areas. This is where the hurdling and log walking came in. There is nothing more tiring than high stepping and it wore me out. But with the highway looming I had to keep my head down, music on and keep pushing in order to assure I could make the pass before too late and ensure I could get a ride to Darby. Luckily as I neared Chief Joseph pass the trail got less steep and much smoother and made the last couple miles tolerable. My shoes are very worn out and covered in holes. It is my new record. Destroyed shoes in 15 days. I made the pass and walked the bonus mile to the highway at Lost Trail Pass where I hitchhiker in to Darby within the hour. In town I got my resupply, a much needed shower and a hot meal. From the looks of the logs there are multiple people with a week or two ahead. It should be fun to see some other hikers for a change. I have barely seen a sole out there. Many more deer than people.

Total CDT miles hiked 565

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