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Day 190-Leg day

CDT day 18-For me every day is leg day. It was a surprisingly warm night and a pleasant morning. I saw deer, grouse and a trail crew improving the road I walk on. The walk in the park ended abruptly when it began time to climb straight up. The mountains and rock were exposed but the views made it worth it every time I made it to and over a pass. There were alpine lakes everywhere along with a decent amount of day hikers. I have nearly caught some of the back of the pack of hikers heading south like me. I have also come to the crossroads where I am meeting multiple hikers per day that are heading north. This means the trail is full of gossip. There is no gossip like trail gossip. People tell you how far ahead people are, the water situation and the details on town stops. Every time I am told how far ahead someone is I wonder if they are saying they are five hours ahead because they saw them five hours ago or they are actually five hours ahead of me. See when you are caught in your own head miles on end you ponder these things. I have welcomed the conversation from the hikers and mull it over as I continue walking. A surprising number of them have heard of me which is also interesting. A common question I wanted to answer for everyone is that: no I am not bored out here. I am hiking though the most stimulating, surprising and incredible places that no one has ever seen. I am very lucky and this is not lost on me. Does it suck sometimes? Yes, high temperatures, thunderstorms and large waterless stretches throw a wrench in many plans but these often make the best stories!

Ending mile: 628

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