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Day 191-All Good

CDT day 19-I have graduated from deer to today having a nice bull elk in my camp in the morning. We traded looks before he ran off into the forest. The rest of the day was separated into two very different terrains. The morning was full of creeks and spring. There were lush meadows and lakes with lots of green. Then I crossed the road at Goldstone pass and the dry stretch began. The map I had said 48 miles without water but luckily I knew of a great creek halfway. In fact this creek is the start of the Missouri and where Lewis and Clark crossed these mountains. It is even named after Sacagawea. During the dry stretch I was trucking along and saw two hikers coming towards me. They were Allgood and Tattoo Joe. They are both accomplished hikers. Allgood is the head of a large hiking organization and Tattoo Joe has hiked with some well known hikers and even hiked the AT this year too. I closed out the day by slowly feeling my energy drain out of me and I slowed to a halt a couple miles before I had hoped. One of my rules is not to argue with my body so I called it a day. I have been averaging close to 40 miles per day outside of town stops and am going to settle in and rest with a 20 mile town day tomorrow in Leadore. I am exhausted and have been having a sore Achilles so some rest will be nice.

Ending mile 665

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