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Day 193-Elk Mountain

CDT day 21- I am going to start structuring my posts a little different. I took this idea from Kyle Rohrig who is currently hiking the PCT and is a great author. Miles hiked: 31

Pain/Injuries: None

Mood: happy

Fatigue level: low

Favorite meal: Backpackers Pantry macoroni with added beef and beans I woke up pretty early as my body has been programmed to do over the last 193 days. I slept ok but one of the hikers I split a hotel with had some pretty good snoring going most of the night. I had an omelette in town and was at the post office right when it opened ready to resupply and move on. Once this was all done I sat on the front porch of the inn to wait for the other hikers heading back to the trail. Eventually around 1015 we got back to the trail with a ride from the inn owner. Then it was all uphill. Right back up to 10,000 feet to the top of elk mountain. The trail followed the spine of the divide much higher than trees could make it and this created incredible views of rolling hills and mountains. I met many more hikers as I went and a few knew who I was which surprises me every time. Maybe I’m trail famous. The trail meandered in seemingly every direction as a light rain came in and suddenly the jeep track I followed dropped 2k to Morrison lake. For being a popular lake it was pretty quiet. I closed the day by walking through some cow pastures and camped just across Tex creek.

Ending mile 719

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