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Day 201-A thousand miles

CDT day 29 -Miles Hiked today: 37

CDT total distance traveled: 1002

Total trip miles: 5882

Avg temps: 60s

Injuries: none

Pain: headache

Exhaustion level: high

Favorite meal: dehydrated taco soup I dusted snow off the top of my tent this morning. It could be a wild and cold last couple months of this adventure. The weather was marginal all day long with scary clouds all around and distant sounds of thunder. Gone are the flat expanses of Yellowstone and now in the Teton Wilderness I am continually climbing or descending. Despite seeing hundreds of footprints today I still have not seen a bear on the CDT. I am very near out of Grizzly country so that may mean I will have to come back at some point. I was thinking today how crazy it is that my life has morphed into this out-of-a-backpack and in the wild lifestyle. Over 200 days is a long time and both my body and mind are starting to feel it. Tomorrow it’s on to resupply in Dubois.

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