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Day 205-Last Winds

CDT day 33-Miles Hiked today: 35

CDT total distance traveled: 1140

Total trip miles: 6020

Avg temps: 70s

Injuries: Achilles tendinitis

Pain: Achilles and sore feet

Exhaustion level: high

Favorite meal: mango peach drink mix I am extremely blessed to have the opportunity to walk through some of this country and I always try to make a point to capitalize on this opportunity. I began my final alternate of the Wind River Range this evening with the Cirque of the Towers. For the first time since Mather Pass in the Sierra Nevada mountains back in May I am camped near 11,000 feet. Tomorrow I will scratch claw and climb around an incredible cathedral of towers. I am not out here to set records which is why I often take the route less traveled to see more. I am shockingly low on food but should it become a real issue I have some tricks up my sleeve (as I do with nearly every problem at this point). I wanted to thank everyone who is new to the site and I wanted to invite you to the Facebook page ( as this is the easiest place for me to put up pictures from the trail.

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