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Day 206-Cirque the Towers

CDT day 34-Miles Hiked today: 39

CDT total distance traveled: 1179

Total trip miles: 6059

Avg temps: 70s

Injuries: Achilles tendinitis

Pain: Achilles, foot pain

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: dehydrated hummus I began the day early and climbed straight up Texas Pass on the Cirque the Towers alternate. By the top I was able to relax and start enjoying the incredible views. I was already worn out. I dropped down from the pass to one of the most picturesque lakes I have ever seen: Lonesome Lake! The lake was nestled in a circle of huge towers and on this morning the towers combined with the sunrise reflected perfectly off the glassy water. Not surprisingly, many different people were camped at the lake. I climbed Jackass pass and then finally had some flat ground to enjoy before a few last ups and down follwed by reconnecting to the main trail. Back on the Continental Divide Trail and through the majority of the Wind River Range was a bit of a let down. I spent the last few days traveling through some other worldly territory and was able to take side trails and alternates to enjoy more than most. Now it’s back to reality. I pushed my legs and my Achilles to the limit through these routes but they were well worth it. Food I have left: 1 poptart and a coffee package to make it to my resupply tomorrow…

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